Stubo–Rovni dam project study gets municipal support


August 19, 2015





August 19, 2015




The Town Assembly of Valjevo agreed to the plan for the continuation of works on Stubo–Rovni hydro system in Jablanica and Sušica river valleys. An accumulation test of two years was announced for the dam, which has been under construction for three decades. Its project includes a small hydropower plant.

The document that was adopted gives boost to Serbian government’s initiative to complete the hydro complex near Valjevo in the western part of the country. Stubo–Rovni had been intended for water supply for the area, but it’s also significant for future flood control, as it failed to mitigate last year’s natural disaster. The town of Obrenovac further downstream was completely flooded, and Valjevo itself  and its surroundings suffered damage.

The assembly agreed with the conclusions of an expert commission’s study which confirmed there would be no environmental impact or safety issues. While scientists and experts insist it is paramount to secure a long-term solution for drinking water, critics say the never-ending project isn’t planned well and Valjevo will be endangered.

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