Srbac in talks to build a heat and power unit


June 9, 2015





June 9, 2015




After a return visit of a Luxembourg investment fund’s representatives to the Municipality of Srbac, located at the northern border with Croatia, financial support was announced from the Grand Duchy to start two enterprises, one of which would produce electricity and heat, and the other one vegetables in greenhouses, Radio Srbac said. When municipality chief Drago Ćirić (pictured) was in Italian Villanuova last month, he visited a combined heat and power generation plant with the capacity of 1 MW of electricity and 1.2 MW of heating for greenhouses. He had then met the representatives of the investment fund from Luxembourg, who accepted to come to Srbac to discuss about constructing a wood-fired plant, the report said.

The fund is ready to invest EUR 4.5 million for the power and heat facility, which is half of the Italian plant’s value, Ćirić said and added that the municipality needs to prepare the paperwork, register two companies and negotiate with the authorities of the Republic of Srpska, one of two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to grant a concession on 10 hectares of state-owned land in Srbac area. The plan is for the operation of two firms to start by this year’s end and for 150 people to be hired, he said.

Ćirić told portal the investors agreed with the proposal to buy 14 hectares in Mali Sitneši for the combined heat and power plant, and that the municipality needs to prepare a feasibility study for the foundation of two companies. Construction is supposed to start in autumn, according to the report.

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