Soma wind farm adds third section, grows to 240 MW


July 9, 2015






July 9, 2015





EDF Énergies nouvelles announced the commissioning of the third section of the Soma wind farm in Turkey via its local subsidiary Polat Enerji, 45% owned by the group. This 100 MW extension increases the total capacity of the wind farm to 240 MW. Polat Energy is a joint venture company with Canada’s PSP Investments and Polat Holding AŞ, owned by Turkish sports club Galatasaray’s former president Adnan Polat.

Located in western Turkey, the Soma wind farm previously consisted of two sections of 79 MW and 61 MW commissioned in 2009 and 2011 respectively, the French company said. The third section of the aeolic project comprises 50 Enercon turbines, each of them with a capacity of 2 MW. With a total installed capacity of 240 MW, Soma is the biggest wind farm built by EDF Énergies nouvelles in Turkey.

Last year, the company commissioned the Geycek wind farm in central Anatolia, with an installed capacity of 150 MW. Polat Enerji has built eight wind farms in the country, with an overall capacity of 613 MW. In 2013, it commissioned the extension to the Sayalar wind farm (20 MW), and the power plants at Poyraz (54.9 MW), Samurlu (30 MW) and Kozbeyli (32.2 MW). EDF Énergies nouvelles said it has a portfolio of 7.5 GW of gross installed capacity focused for the most part on wind and solar photovoltaic energy.

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