Smart bench Steora presented at European Parliament


March 9, 2016





March 9, 2016




Young Croatian entrepreneur Ivan Mrvoš installed his company’s smart bench in front of the building of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Total Croatia News reported. The innovator from Solin, in the country’s south, said the new model Steora has a water cooling system for the seat, air purification and internet module. He was invited to present the project by Tonino picula, member of the European Parliament.

The off-grid solar-powered bench charges mobile devices from panels with a capacity of 100 MW. One unit costs HRK 11,000 (EUR 1,460). The company, called Include, said it received orders for 60 new models, more than twice as much as last year’s sales. The aim is to sell more than 800 units this year, with at least 40% abroad. The battery has 100 ampere-hours, covering three days of operation, and a 19-inch IPS screen for advertisements. The device glows at night. Mrvoš said 14 more people, mostly engineers, are added to the headcount, because of the need for expansion. The neighbouring Municipality of Klis provided a new space, he added and stressed Include develops roof solar systems and other products. The inventor said six benches were installed in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that another four were bought for Tivat in Montenegro, with more orders underway for the new local tourist resort with marinas. Promotional units will soon be set in several European capitals, he underscored.

Three smart benches were installed in Tivat in late February, financed by a donation from Luštica Development. Municipal energy manager Petar Vujović said the devices are worth EUR 5,700 and that the battery enables ten days of operation.


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