Small hydro facilities under environmental review


February 24, 2016





February 24, 2016




National Environment Guard, the National Administration Romanian Waters (ANAR) and the National Agency for Environmental Protection (ANPM) were assigned to check small hydropower plants in the country, according to Cristiana Pașca – Palmer, minister of environment, waters and forests. A total of three hundred facilities were installed with the capacity of a maximum of 10 MW, she told Realitatea TV, Agerpres reported.

The sector was booming with not so strict regulation until in 2012 the National Energy Strategy limited the pace, according to the minister. She insisted that, even though she is a proponent of sustainable energy, the impact on biodiversity must be determined. If the environmental costs are bigger than the benefits, the approach must be altered, Pașca – Palmer stressed and added she believes there were breaches of rules.

The environmental permits will be reviewed for compliance, according to the plan. The minister revealed there are six pending applications for permits and that investment in the segment is lower than earlier.


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