Slovinj wind park planned for 130 MW



August 5, 2016





August 5, 2016




A wind power plant project of Vjetroelektrane d.o.o., registered in Glamoč, is still waiting for an environmental permit. The facility planned for construction in the municipality in the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina will have 49 turbines with an overall capacity of 130 MW, portal said it learned, quoting an unknown source.

Developers of Slovinj wind park filed the application with the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the article adds.

Vjetroelektrane filed for environmental permits in December of 2013 for wind power plants Slovinj and Dževa, after winning the concession earlier that year. The latter, located five kilometres from Glamoč, was planned for 23 turbines, each with 3 MW, on 19 square kilometres.

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