Slovenia to invest in Elbasan city in the enviroment field


November 5, 2015





November 5, 2015




Qazim Sejdini, mayor of Elbasan, held a meeting with the Slovenian ambassador to Albania Lea Stančič. They discussed about the support the Slovenian government will provide for several projects in the city in the environment field, portal Invest in Albania said.

After the meeting, Sejdini stated that these projects will be focused in the rehabilitation of Bradashesh landfill and investments in the sewage treatment by establishing a new plant, and other projects in the water supply plants and renewable energy. This is a real project and Elbasan deserves such investment, he said.

In turn, Stančič underscored that the Slovenian government is showing interest for a successful collaboration with Albania and that soon it will invest in the environmental field in Elbasan city.

Asked about the support to Albania regarding the European Union membership bid, the ambassador declared that as an EU member Slovenia has showed its support since in the beginning of the process. “Slovenia was active during the visa liberalization process by supporting Albania and now we fully support the country in continuing the negotiations. Many reforms have been undertaken lately but there is more to be done,” Stančič stated.

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