Scientists get funds for green energy, climate change areas


April 1, 2016





April 1, 2016




Croatian Science Foundation opened the call for academic institutions and other legal persons conducting scientific work to apply for projects worth a total of HRK 17 million (EUR 2.27 million). The deadline is June 30 and individual applications can bring between EUR 66,700 and EUR 266,600.

The project aims to stimulate analysis and propositions of innovations for energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources, but also greenhouse gases in industry, agriculture and other areas. The scheme should add quality to forecasts and prevention of the effect of natural disasters occurring as a consequence of climate change. The financing should result in a unique basis of knowledge.

The programme for the stimulation of research and development in the area of climate change in 2015 and 2016 is financed from the sale of emission certificates. The money is approved by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (FZOEU) and the project is also implemented by the foundation and the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection. The goal is to support initiatives which lead to mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The plan for the utilization of the funds was adopted by the Government of Croatia in November 2014.

Individual projects will last between one and two years, starting in the last two months of this year. This is the first programme in Croatia enabling scientists to get involved in solving the problems caused by climate change, said Sven Müller, who leads FZOEU. He added the criteria are competitiveness, innovation and possibilities of application in public or economic sector.

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