Romania revising national energy strategy


May 9, 2016





May 9, 2016




This year, the National Energy Strategy of Romania will be reviewed. Energy minister Victor Grigorescu ensures this does not mean that everything will start from zero, Romania Journal reported.

“I think we are a major player in the region and this is not just a statement, but a fact. We export energy, sometimes even 10% of what we produce. We are a net exporter of energy. I’m convinced that we can do more,” Grigorescu stated, according to the article. He noted the review will end this autumn. The energy minister also stressed the transition to renewables is a challenge in the segment of targets and costs.

Speaking about the energy strategy a few days before, Romanian prime minister Dacian Ciolos stated Romania must think beyond oil and gas, the natural resources it is currently exploiting, namely towards green energy. The Ministry of Energy has pointed out both private energy companies and representatives of municipalities and experts in the academic field have been interested in the new strategy.


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