Project design for hydropower plant may take one year


February 10, 2016





February 10, 2016




Construction works on the Buk Bijela hydroelectric plant on Drina river should commence this year, said Petar Đokić, minister of industry and energy in the Government of the Republic of Srpska. He added there was determination and that the situation will be different by the middle of the year. Numerous stories that the government does not have serious intention to build it will be denied by concrete steps, Đokić told Glas Srpske portal. In his words, hydro power plant operator Višegrad will head the project, while the Power Utility of the Republic of Srpska (ERS) will get the concession from the government.

Earlier, ERS head Branislava Milekić said construction works can be expected in a year at the latest, as the main project should be complete by then. The initial project estimated the value of the power plant at EUR 195 million and installed capacity at 93.5 MW, she told Glas Srpske. The main project takes six months, Milekić stated and added the power plant will be financed through loans. As the environmental study is already complete, paired with a solid volume of project documentation, it won’t be difficult to attract financing, she said.

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