Plans for Bela Anta wind park undergo public display


June 24, 2016





June 24, 2016




The obligatory public display of documents ended after Wellbury-Bela Anta submitted documents for the preparation of detailed regulation infrastructure plan for its wind energy project. Bela Anta power plant is planned for 120 MW, to be installed in Dolovo near the city of Pančevo northeast of Serbia’s capital Belgrade. The next step for the company is to obtain a building permit for the power plant which is to consist of 40 turbines with necessary infrastructure on 22,000 hectares. Most of the generators will be placed in the territory of Dolovo village, while some will be in Pančevo proper and the community of Banatsko Novo Selo. The company plans to install turbines on 75 poles with the maximum height of 200 metres, calculated with the spatula in upright position.

At the beginning of last month, the company registered in Belgrade got the location permit for the wind farm. This step is a prerequisite for further development of technical documentation and obtaining a constructing permit.

In order to ensure the connection of the wind farm to the transmission power system of operator Elektromreža Srbije (EMS), Wellbury-Bela Anta will, in accordance with the Law on Energy, finance the construction of the terminal. The connection consists of 110 kV substation and power line from Pančevo 2 to the location of Bela Anta.


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