Parliament approves law on power from renewable sources


May 8, 2015






May 8, 2015





A large majority of lawmakers adopted legislation on measures in the field of electricity produced from renewable energy sources, according to a press release issued by the Ministry of Energy, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and Business Environment, reported.

The business magazine’s portal said producers and operators who were not issued individual decisions authorization from the European Commission, within 24 months from the date of accreditation, for reasons beyond their control, may require from the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) a new temporary accreditation to benefit from the number of green certificates provided.

New temporary accreditation is valid until the European Commission issues the authorization decision. The law also allows the adjustment, based on a decision of ANRE, of the possible negative differences between the number of received green certificates and the number of due green certificates, according to the individual decision of the European Commission.

The normative act introduces a new article according to which the documentation necessary for the individual notification of the support measure to the European Commission will be drafted only by the operators who develop plants producing electricity from renewable sources with the installed capacity exceeding 250 MW.

The law allows adjustment, based on a decision of ANRE, of the possible negative differences between the number of received green certificates and of due green certificates.

A new aspect introduced at the request of the European Commission, refers to the opening of the support scheme for electricity from renewable energy sources to imports from other member states. Also, at the request of the European Commission the promotion system through green certificates won’t apply to electricity produced from renewable sources sold at negative prices.

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