On track for 2020 green energy share target


September 9, 2015





September 9, 2015




Renewable energy sources constituted 8.7% of the market in Cyprus in 2014, ahead of the 2015–2016 target set by the relevant European Directive of 7.45%, it emerged, according to Cyprus Mail. The national target by 2020 is 13%.

At a news conference prior to the 11th Savenergy exhibition, which took place on September 18–20, organizers stressed the need to use alternative energy sources. Deputy director of the Energy Department at the Ministry of Energy Constantinos Xicheilos said the state’s strategy was based on three main pillars: use of renewables, energy saving and use of natural gas. According to him, Cyprus today operates six wind parks with a total installed capacity of 157.5 MW, a large number of small and large photovoltaic systems, with a total installed capacity of 71 MW, as well as 10 plants of biomass with a total capacity of 10.7 MW. Xicheilos added the ministry, in cooperation with energy regulator CERA, promotes net metering projects for the housing sector and self-production for businesses.

He said that on August 4, the maximum demand for electricity in Cyprus was 1,013 MW,  and that renewables contributed a total of 90 MW, of which 50 MW from photovoltaic systems, the article adds.

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