NIS launches mini power plant in Sirakovo


August 12, 2015





August 12, 2015




A small-scale power plant generating electricity and thermal energy was launched at the gas and oil field Sirakovo in the environs of the town of Veliko Gradište, the facility’s operator NIS said on its website.

It is a EUR 2 million worth investment into the 2МW total power of this plant. A total of 3 МW of electricity is currently generated at this oil and gas field after a 1 МW power plant was put on stream in this area for the first time by NIS two years ago. The project has been completed within the programme of small-scale cogeneration capacities development, which is part of a company’s long-term strategy aimed at upgrading operational efficiency based on tapping into the existing gas resources. At this junction, NIS operates its own 13 mini power plants, i. e. cogeneration modules all over Serbia, with more than EUR 15 million worth of investment into this realm of business, the report added.

Electrical power generation has reached 11.6 МW, which is sufficient to supply electricity to an average of 10.000 households, NIS said. „Mini power plants are tremendously important as they generate electricity and thermal energy out of gas, which up to now had not been put in use due to the high content of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. There is also an environmental point related to the process of transformation of this gas into electricity, as it ceased to be combusted by flare, which reduced noxious gases emission into the atmosphere. This is how our company facilitates the Republic of Serbia in its quest to prudently use energy, while reducing pollution,” said Igor Korać, deputy director of NIS’s power generation department, the article said.

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