National Bank of Greece leads wave of new IENE members


March 9, 2016





March 9, 2016




The National Bank of Greece (NBG) joined the Institute of Energy of South-East Europe (IENE) as its latest corporate member, accrediting 25 of its senior executives. With branches and operations in more than 10 countries, NBG has strong interests in markets in the region, providing finance for a great number of energy-related projects ranging from refineries and electricity grids to wind farms, the institute said.

Latest corporate members also include Elin Biofuels SA and Sunlight Recycling. The former was incorporated on 1 August 2005. It produces biofuels in a biodiesel plant in Volos. The company is 37% owned by Elinoil. The scope of Elin Biofuels is, among others, to supply, collect and process raw materials for biofuel production, set up and operate industrial facilities for biofuel production and carry out wholesale and retail sales activities for all types of commodities and products in general and in particular liquid fuels, lubricants, liquid gases, solid fuels, biofuels and all sorts of related products, the announcement adds. It also imports and exports liquid fuels, lubricants, liquid gases, solid fuels, biofuels and all sorts of related products, represents domestic or foreign businesses. Elin Biofuels aims at designing and constructing technical works and in particular liquid fuel stations, car stations, marinas, oil product and solid fuel facilities, biofuel facilities or plants and other energy sources.

Sunlight Recycling is the lead-acid battery recycling branch of Systems Sunlight SA, global player in the field of integrated energy solutions, specializing in the development, production and marketing of batteries and energy storage systems for industrial, advanced technology and consumer applications. Sunlight Recycling expands the business ecosystem developed by Systems Sunlight SA and Panos Germanos Group. Sunlight Recycling owns a new plant, built in a plot area of 4.2 hectares in the industrial area of Komotini (Prefecture of Rodopi), which will be able to recycle 30,000 tons of spent batteries per year.

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