Interconnection between Macedonia and Serbia set into operation


January 22, 2016





January 22, 2016




A new 70 kilometre long 400 kV line connecting the power systems of Macedonia and Serbia was launched. The EUR 11 million investment is a strategic project of MEPSO (Electricity Transmission System Operator of Macedonia) to improve the safety of the national and regional energy networking, the government in Skopje said.

The ceremony of setting the line from Štip in Macedonia to Vranje in Serbia into operation was attended by MEPSO’s general manager Siniša Spasov and EMS Serbia’s executive manager for system and market operation Branko Šumonja. The new line will improve security, reliability and operability of the wider region and create conditions for larger amount of electricity exchange, Spasov said. Constant upgrading of the security of the national power system and advancing the connections with neighboring energy system operators are MEPSO’s top priorities, he added.

Šumonja said Serbia’s power grid operator EMS invested a total of EUR 50 million from donations and own funds in the transmission line Niš–Leskovac–Vranje–Štip. Macedonia’s Government has invested EUR 50 million in new power lines and renewing the existing power transmitting network, said Vladimir Peševski, vice-premier for economic affairs. The implementation of the interconnection project, supported by the World Bank, is rather significant for Macedonia, as it now connects the country with four neighbors via five lines, he added.

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