Hydropower plant Perućica beats quarterly production plan


May 12, 2016


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May 12, 2016


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Successful generation results marked the first three months of this year in the oldest large-scale power plant in Montenegro. Hydropower plant Perućica delivered the first volumes of electricity to the electrical power system in May 1960. It was named after well Perućica in its immediate vicinity.

Around 385.5 GWh of electricity was generated in the first quarter, 18% more than planned, while 456 GWh was generated during the first four months. A positive trend and favourable hydrology are expected for the rest of the year, too, where the annual forecast is 920 GWh. Last year 783 GWh was produced, a share of 27.28% in total electricity generation of state-owned utility Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG). Somewhat lower output is the result of weaker hydrology conditions. Precipitation was 23% smaller than the multiannual average.

Since its commissioning, the hydropower plant has generated 48.07 TWh or 858 GWh per annum. The year 2010 saw a record when 1.44 TWh was generated and delivered to the system. Last year over EUR 2 million was invested in procurement and installation of equipment. EPCG said it will focus on investments in reconstruction, modernization and increase of capacities in its system.

Perućica is located north of Bjelopavlići plain. For electricity generation the hydro facility uses river Gornja Zeta, that is waters that flow from the Nikšić field to its turbines, under favourable water head, covering short distance. The system with installed capacity of 307 MW includes reservoirs Krupac, Slano and retention Vrtac while the Perućica system has another five small hydropower plants located on the territory of Podgorica, Kolašin, Cetinje and Šavnik with annual electricity generation of about six GWh.


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