Hydro giant’s anniversary during production record


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April 17, 2015






April 17, 2015





Hydroelectric power station Iron Gate 2 (Đerdap 2) on the Danube started generating power 30 years ago and since then it produced 40.1 TWh of electricity, Ljiljana Milicanović, head of the unit, said on the anniversary gathering.

She stressed significant results in maintenance and modernization of equipment, and added last year was successful despite the bad hydrological situation due to great floods.

Even with big problems, 1.62 TWh was generated in 2014, making it a record year, Serbian media reported. Daily record was also set, on April 21 last year, with 6.14 GWh. In the first quarter of 2015, production exceeded 465 GWh, she added, a new record for each of the three months.


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