Gruevski, Peševski visit first biogas power plant


August 14, 2015





August 14, 2015




Arben Abdurahmani, owner of the Vezë Sharri company based in Treboš near Tetovo in Macedonia’s northwest, spoke with prime minister Nikola Gruevski and deputy prime minister Vladimir Peševski about the pro-business regulation being introduced and the way it is affecting his large chicken farm and biogas power plant Elektro Sharri. Abdurahmani said that, since he brought German capital in 2000 to open his meat-processing plant and eventually a large poultry farm, he has seen major improvements in the ease of developing real-estate and relaxing the rules for hiring workers, the government said on its website.

The company was helped by the government, among other things in the approval of the feed-in tariff scheme that allowed it to develop the biogas-fuelled power plant, Abdurahmani said. Vezë Sharri was the first company to build such a facility, one that uses waste produced by the farm and other farms to produce electricity, which can not only power the farm, but can also be sold into the distribution network for a profit.

“We stopped throwing anything away. The entire waste we produce is used in the plant, and we even collect waste from other farms, and transform it into biogas. Finally, we turn it into fertilizer that we export to Germany,” Abdurahmani said.

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