Grid set for 60 MW of power capacity from renewables


July 14, 2015





July 14, 2015




Several units generating power from renewable sources, from overall investments of over EUR 100 million, may soon be connected to the grid, Romanian news agency Act Media said, citing a Mediafax report.

The national network is preparing to add 40 MW from wind power stations Babadag of 3–30 MW and Casimcea of 1–10 MW, plus 18 MW from a photovoltaic facility of Onești and 15 MW from a biomass-fuelled power station of Reci, domestic system and transmission operator Transelectrica said. Estimated costs of all the investments, differing by energy source, amount to a total of over EUR 100 million.

Installed power in the system on April 1 was 22.3 GW: hydropower’s share was 28.5%, coal’s 25.6%, and other hydrocarbons’ was 20.3%. Wind power had a 13.2% share, nuclear had 6.3%, the capacity of solar comprised 5.4% while the part of biomass was 0.45%. Only 0.05 MW was being generated from geothermal energy. Production of electricity nationwide was 60.6 TWh last year, 11.3% more than in 2013.

Growth of domestic production was determined by the increase of the domestic consumption in 2014 by 1.9% and of the balance of electricity traded across borders by 254.7%, Transelectrica’s data showed. According to the development plan for 2014–23, net production of electricity of Romania could grow to 68 TWh in 2018 and to 77.4 TWh in 2023. The same document shows that 80% of the thermal power facilities are overdue. Moreover, the grid development analysis included a programme of withdrawals from exploitation of some thermal plants when they reach the end of their lifetime or due to reduced efficiency and non-compliance with the requirements of the European Union regarding pollution.


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