Green power producers get new compensation decree


January 23, 2016





January 23, 2016




Montenegrin Electric Power Company (EPCG) is the qualified buyer of electricity from renewable sources, highly efficient cogeneration and waste, according to a decree adopted by the country’s government. The utility is obligated to provide the compensation, as it is declared a non-budgetary category. The tariff is added to the electricity bill for all consumers and is determined in euro cents per kilowatt hour.

The decree is in line with the Law on Energy which the country’s parliament adopted on December 29. Out of 57 members of the national assembly who voted, 43 supported the law, nine were against and five abstained. Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavarić said the new legislation should remove shortcomings such as the underdevelopment of the electricity market, and the ones in the regulation of agreements between entities and quality of information provided to citizens. The law secures obligations by entities and introduces new electric power suppliers. It will also contribute to consumer protection, according to the minister. The legislation covers electricity from renewable energy sources and high efficiency cogeneration in particular.

Members of parliament from the opposition argued the document provides for financing monopolistic activities, stipulating incentives and subsidies for companies that construct small hydropower plants. They disputed the method of calculating power prices.


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