Greece, Romania will lead in wind power in Balkans


September 16, 2015





September 16, 2015




According to the central or target scenario in the three calculations by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) for the next 15 years, Greece and Romania are predicted to grow their aeolic power capacity to 9 GW and 5 GW, respectively.

A report said installations in the European Union can reach the target 320 GW of capacity by 2030, which would serve 24.4% of electricity demand. The existing 128.8 GW can meet over 10% of consumption in a normal wind year, the document said. Germany is set to grow its installed power by more than two times compared to 2014 level, to 80 GW, thus significantly advancing its leading position in absolute quantity. Greece had 1.98 GW installed last year, and Romania is expected to less than double its market size until 2030, from 2.95 GW registered in 2014.

EWEA predicts other EU wind power markets followed by Balkan Green Energy News will achieve relative growth of two to five times above current levels, with the exception of Slovenia, where it is projected that in 2030 there will be 49 MW of wind power capacity, in comparison to just 3 W from last year. Croatia is set to reach 1.8 GW, while in 2014 it had turbines with a total of 347 MW.

For Slovenia the variations are also drastic, as projections for 2030 go from 33 MW to 75 MW, while for other Southeast European countries low and high scenarios are about 10% to 20% different from the target. The only other exception is the optimistic projection that Greece may grow its wind parks’ size up to 12 GW.

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