Energy ministry starts Albania’s first wind park project in Kurbin


Photo: Pixabay, Josealbafotos


June 26, 2015






June 26, 2015





The Government of Albania announced the installation of the country’s first wind power plant in Kurbin area.

The plan by the Ministry of Energy and Industry was approved and featured in the official bulletin. An operator is to install the 12 turbines in Kurbin of 92 meters each, at a total cost of EUR 54 million, according to an Albanian Telegraphic Agency report published by the Invest in Albania portal.

The 36 MW park will be constructed within eight months from the beginning of works and the company will have to report its progress to the ministry, the article said. The Kurbin facility is expected to be active for 30 years.

Sources from the Albania Energy Association note it is foreseen that 4% of the total amount of electrical energy generated in the country (around 400 GWh per year) until 2025 will be from wind, the report said.

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