Energy efficiency fund devised in new legislation


August 14, 2015





August 14, 2015




The Ministry of Energy and Industry has come up with a draft Law on Energy Efficiency which includes energy conservation guides for all electricity consumers, including public administration, big companies and citizens, Albanian Telegraphic Agency said. For the first time it foresees an efficiency fund.

According to sources from the ministry, the country has vowed to reduce energy consumption by 11% until 2020, making enhancement of energy efficiency priority. New rules will be applied in the public sector and big companies first, preventing excessive consumption ranging from banning household appliances which do not save energy to measures for construction. For old apartment buildings and houses, the ministry will set up an efficiency fund, which will support their reconstruction with up to 50%, the article published by AlbReporter portal said.

The government plans to invest EUR 500 million in energy sector until 2020, on the basis of energy recovery strategy, in a bid to liberalize the energy market and minimize losses in distribution network.

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