Energy and ecology in one place at Belgrade Fair


September 24, 2015





September 24, 2015




The 11th International Energy Fair (UFI) and the 12th International Fair of Environment and Natural Resource Protection – EcoFair, to be held at the Belgrade Fair from October 14 to October 16, 2015, are an organic and functional part of the foundations of Serbian and regional economy as a whole. The fact that they are organized at the same time and at the same place means the awareness of their coherence and mutual conditionality in the base of the structural concept of overall sustainable development, which has no alternative.

Energy 2015 is the biggest yearly regional gathering of companies, corporations, enterprises, institutions and professionals in the sectors of electrical energy, coal, oil and gas, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and mining.

The fair’s programme framework, both in the exhibition and conference segment, includes all thematic sublevels – from scientific research to production and exploitation to enrichment, distribution, transport, storage or direct utilization of natural resources.

Ecology 2015 (EcoFair) is dedicated to the system and mechanisms of environmental protection with a special accent on ‘green economy’, recycling industry, renewable energy sources, and waste management, and it is the biggest and most prestigious event of its kind in this part of Europe.

Business and education motto of the fairs – ‘New Energy’ – essentially reflects the unity of two sides of seemingly contradictory but substantially inseparable global phenomenon, having as its aim the survival of whole human civilization and its sustainable progress.

Attendance of about 200 direct and indirect exhibitors is expected, from which about a quarter of foreign ones, from twenty or so countries – Serbia, Croatia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, Great Britain, Norway, Finland… and more than 7,000 business attendants.

Extensive conference agenda includes dozens of the most current topics from several professional programme units, such as: Regional Cooperation in Energy and Mutual Participation at Third Markets, Energy Efficiency, Development of Mining, Investors and Partners Day, Employment and Student Practice Day, Ecological Integrations and Regional Corporation Day, Waste Management, Waste Stock Exchange and Trading with Waste and Secondary Raw Materials, Waste as Energy Source, Circular Economics in the region et cetera.

For the needs of business users, online B2B has been activated for scheduling B2B meetings and for online accreditations for presence and participation at programmes in the fair.

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