Electric car, buses, charger stations introduced


July 16, 2015





July 16, 2015




The northern Croatian Town of Koprivnica presented its two electric minibuses, first zero emissions public transport vehicles in the country, the municipal website said. The purchase was organized within electromobility project Civitas Dyn@mo, the biggest and most demanding that this local authority participates in. Koprivnica funded the endeavour with EUR 920,000 and the European Union donated EUR 556,000. The system is part of an initiative to introduce public transport on the local level. The 12-passenger minibuses of 100 kW each were bought from the company DOK-ING. Speed is automatically limited to 90 kilometres per hour and autonomy is 90 to 130 kilometres.

City of Zagreb introduced a charger station for electric cars in Tuškanac public garage on July 15. Public company Zagrebparking now operates five such stations, each with the capacity to charge two vehicles at the same time. Subscription to garage services for electric cars is discounted by 50%. The HRK 168,000 (EUR 22,100) project was subsidized by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund with 40% of the cost.

Karlovac town officials presented the municipal electric vehicle, first of its kind in Croatia. The small Volkswagen e-up is leased until the end of the year, and its charger station in front of the town hall can be used free of charge for other e-vehicles.

In April, national electricity company HEP Group presented new electric vehicles in its fleet and the charger network ELEN to reporters. Koprivnica and the towns of Vukovar and Labin also have ELEN’s charging stations. Croatia gave EUR 2.44 million this year for incentives for the purchase of 506 e-cars. Last year 440 were bought by citizens and entrepreneurs.

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