Contracts for 10 hydroelectric plants in preparation


July 29, 2015





July 29, 2015




According to an announcement by the Privatization Administration (ÖİB), ten hydropower facilities owned by government-controlled Electricity Generation Company (Elektrik Üretim AŞ) are to be sold in five groups. The notice published in the Official Gazette on July 28 said that a sealed-bid auction is planned, Daily Sabah’s portal said.

Karacaören 1 and Karacaören 2 form the first group, the second one is Kepez 2 and Manavgat, Fethiye is alone in the third lot, Kadıncık 1 and 2 are the fourth group, while the last section has Doğankent, Kürtün and Torul. Security deposits are TRY 25 million (EUR 7.91 million) for group one, EUR 6.33 million for the second lot, EUR 3.17 million for Fethiye, EUR 9.49 million for group number four, and EUR 15.82 million for the last one. Preliminary qualification and bid deadlines are October 27, October 14, October 5, November 10 and November 20, respectively.

The tender commission will hold negotiation sessions with bidders if necessary, the report said. The tender could be finalized as an open auction with the participation of bidders that have been negotiating – if the negotiations end unsatisfactorily, Daily Sabah said. The tender is only open to legal entities and joint venture groups; individuals and investment funds are allowed only as a member within a group of a legal person.

Oğuz Türkyılmaz, head of the Energy Commission of Turkey’s Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, said rapid urbanization, utilization of dams for water supply and irrigation, and climate change reduce the country’s hydropower potential from an estimated 170 TWh to an actual 140TWh per year, or from 50 GW to 42.4 GW of installed capacity as equivalent, Anadolu Agency’s Energy News Terminal reported. He called for a revision and for cancellation of projects whose social costs are bigger than benefits.

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