Call for inputs on biogas, biomass legislation


September 18, 2015





September 18, 2015




The Romanian Association of Biomass and Biogas (Arbio) said it prepared a draft law for biomass and biogas in collaboration with its member, law firm CMS Cameron McKenna, as a result of participation in the working group within the Ministry of Energy, Small and Medium Enterprises and Business Environment, coordinated by state secretary Bogdan Nicolae Badea.

Arbio’s press release adds the organization held its first meeting with the representatives of National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) explaining them its arguments and receiving support in drafting of the law. Some of the association’s members have already submitted proposals. Arbio expects input from more of them and called for approval or to suggest changes. After the deadline for submissions has passed, those interested can schedule an appointment for an internal discussion.

Arbio also called for collaboration regarding European Union’s and national grants. While it participates with success in different EU grants projects, it is welcoming new ideas and proposals, being able to be the Romanian partner in a multi-country project, or to be one of the partners in a national one. The association said it was very interested in research, studies, clusters, measuring the potential of the sector in different fields, organizing useful events et cetera.

Together with the Romanian Association of Pellets and Briquettes Producers (APPBR), Arbio is part of a working group for the national strategy for the forest sector, created by secretary of state Dan Popescu. The association said it had declared three priorities already in the beginning, first one being to agree for illegal wood cutting to become a separate subject and a top priority. Arbio said it explained that biomass is parts of the legally cut wood that the other industries don’t use. The third point, made in the discussion with the association of furniture producers, had been that one of the reasons why this sector is booming in Romania is exactly because they transformed their wood waste into fuel for their heat installations, the press release said.


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