Call for concessions for three small hydro facilities


August 28, 2015


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August 28, 2015


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Government of Zenica–Doboj Canton, located in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, started the procedure of selecting concessionaires for small hydropower plants (SHPPs) on its territory for 30 years. Selected investors will be obliged to hire local companies for works worth at least 50% of respective projects. The cost of tender documents for both calls is EUR 510.

The first of two refers to the design, construction and management of the 1.56 MW Petrovići project on Stupčanica river in Olovo municipality, and the cantonal authority started the process after Energonova d. o. o. from Sarajevo expressed interest. The municipality agreed, with the condition that the concessionaire is obliged to pay a yearly fee of at least 10% of gross income of the SHPP and invest a minimum of BAM 80,000 (EUR 40,920) in the infrastructure of Petrovići village. The minimum starting fee is EUR 42,260, payable to the cantonal treasury.

Investors interested in the project need to present bank guarantees for at least 20% of total investment’s worth. Deadline for sealed offers is September 27.

A call has been published on August 27 for a project of two small hydropower plants (SHPPs) to be mounted on the drinking water pipeline Suha – grad Zavidovići. The station on the ninth kilometre of Gostović stream, Prekidna komora, will have the capacity of 52 kW, while Hlorna stanica facility of 54 kW will be nine kilometres further.

Besides guarantees for at least 20% of total investment’s worth, the investors are to agree to a steady concession fee no less than 5% of overall income, alongside a one-off payment of EUR 5,870. The deadline for offers is September 26.

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