Bridge and road will lead to future HPP site


July 17, 2015





July 17, 2015




On Lim river near the town of Rudo in eastern Bosnia, the construction of a bridge has started downstream from the dam. The 72 metres long object will be used for the needs of run-on-river hydropower plant Mrsovo, agency Srna said. Dragan Čvor, lead engineer in Comsar Energy’s project, said the works are on schedule. He added the plan is to finish the 1,200 metres long road towards Varda quarry, from where construction material will come, by the end of July, and the remaining works should be complete by the end of the construction season, portal reported.

Except from the road and the bridge, there is a plan for a power line to the town of Višegrad, and there is an ongoing land expropriation. The maximum power of HPP Mrsovo is 36.8 MW, the company said. And it will be connected to the 110 kV network, determined by the power of the HPP and the vicinity of suitable connection terminals with 110 kV voltage. According to the preliminary design, from the aspect of electrical equipment, a solution with three three-phase synchronous generators has been agreed, as well as additional three step-up transformers. Generators will be driven by three vertical Kaplan turbines, each with a rated capacity of 12.43 MW. The dam will be 20 metres high, and the accumulation lake will be 9.5 kilometres long – it will stretch all the way to the Rudo bridge. The construction will last for three years, and the investment is worth EUR 100 million.

According to its website, Comsar Energy Group, headquartered in Geneva and with offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Cyprus, is investing EUR 2 billion in a number of energy schemes – production, renewables, infrastructure, trading and network projects – across Southeastern Europe.

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