Bogdanci 36.8 MW wind farm starts regular operation


Photo: Enercon


July 5, 2015






July 5, 2015





ELEM (Macedonian Power Plants) said the country’s first wind power plant with 16 turbines has commenced the regular generation of electricity. Bogdanci facility is worth EUR 55.5 million and it is expected to generate over 100 GWh a year, enough to meet the needs of 60,000 people, according to a report on Reve review’s website.

Prime minister Nikola Gruevski and director of ELEM Dejan Boškovski visited the 36.8 MW power plant located in Ranavec near Bogdanci. In the 11 months of its setting into operation, the wind power plant met the annual production projection, portal said.

The turbines are the product of Siemens Danmark and are considered among the best of their class, ELEM said. The installed capacity of each turbine is 2.3 MW, the height of the pole is 80 meters and the diameter of the rotor blade is 93 meters.

The project’s value is EUR 55 million. German development bank KfW has lent EUR 47.9 million, while the remainder came from ELEM’s own funds.

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