BDI receives BEES 2015 award


December 17, 2015





December 17, 2015




Within the Business Conference BEES 2015 (Business of Energy Efficiency in Serbia), BDI – BioEnergy International AG received the award for developing its latest ‘Waste to Value’ technologies in the field of energy production. The event was held in Belgrade and its declared goal was support for institutions which contribute to the improvement of energy efficiency and speeding up renewable energy projects in Serbia.

The award is given to entities which contribute to improvement of energy independence by substituting conventional sources with renewables and show commitment, the organizers said. The event was held for the third time. The platform was provided to discuss the current economic conditions, under the auspices of the ministries responsible for energy, environmental protection and infrastructure.

The European Investment Bank said in late October that it is considering financing a multifeedstock biodiesel plant developed by Biom d. o. o. from Zagreb, Croatia. The planned facility of 100,000 tonnes (30 million gallons) per year could receive EUR 38 million. The plant will be built by Austria-based BDI – BioEnergy International AG. The bank said the overall cost of the project is EUR 50 million.

“This award is a great honour for our company – we are constantly working on benchmark technologies in the field of renewable energy sources. We appreciate the cooperation with the Serbian state and are looking forward to being a part of this promising conference of the Senate of the Serbian economy“, says Edgar Ahn, BDI’s Board member.

The company constructs customized biodiesel plants using the multi-feedstock technology it developed. Raw materials such as vegetable oil, used cooking oil and animal fats are used. BDI supplies plant concepts for the production of biogas from industrial and municipal waste.

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