50 green projects in Romania received EUR 54 million


October 7, 2016






October 7, 2016





50 Romanian companies and NGOs received total of EUR 54 million from private financing and Norwegian grants for the development of green projects. At this stage two countries negotiate the new agreement  for the period until 2021.

The state of Norway green investments, worth EUR 26 million, had been awarded for Romanian companies and NGOs within the financing program from 2009 to 2014 . Investments resulted in over 200 permanent jobs created from 2013 to early 2016.

Green technologies, eco-innovative products and services projects received 20 grants. 16 projects were funded to address the issues such as waste reuse, energy efficiency improvements, and use renewable resources in businesses. The other 14 projects focused on innovation and development of the entrepreneurship spirit in green economy.

The projects were executed between March 2013 and April this year under the “Green Innovation in the industry in Romania” Program. The program provided EUR 54 million, with EUR 28 million from private co-financing and EUR 26 million from Norwegian grants.

30 projects received between EUR 200,000 and EUR 1,5 million, and others received amounts between EUR 50,000-200,000.

Norway and Romania are currently negotiate a new agreement for financing green projects for 2014-2021 period, Romania Insider reported.

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