Wastewater facility construction underway near Kučičino


August 31, 2016






August 31, 2016





Near the village of Kučičino in the Municipality of Češinovo Obleševo in the eastern part of Macedonia, ground works started for facilities for wastewater treatment. Very close to the settlement, heavy machinery was leveling the ground and preparing the terrain, news agency MIA reported.

The contractor of the project is company Ecoina d.o.o. from Croatia, and the works are performed by subcontractor Alfa Engineering d.o.o.e.l. from Radoviš. The construction of the unit is financed by the Embassy of Switzerland in Macedonia through the project for the conservation of Bregalnica river basin. The value of the project is MKD 23 million (EUR 374,000).

The facility near Kučičino will treat wastewater from several villages in the basin of the river Bregalnica, the report said.


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