State aid for businesses, power companies in Bulgaria could reach up to EUR 1 billion

State aid for businesses, power companies in Bulgaria may reach EUR 1 billion

04 January 2022 - The Bulgarian government has secured an additional EUR 650 million for businesses and energy companies due to the energy crisis

Bulgaria-Romania day-ahead market coupling completed

Bulgaria-Romania day-ahead market coupling completed

27 October 2021 - The Bulgaria-Romania electricity market project integrated their border into the European single day-ahead market coupling

Transformation innovation in energy sector Elena Boskov Kovacs

Transform and innovate if you want to remain a player in energy sector

30 August 2021 - Innovations are becoming increasingly important in the energy sector, which, though a traditional and regulated one, today is at a huge turning point. Ultimately, if you want to remain a player in the energy sector, in the long run, it is essential to continue to transform and innovate, says Elena Boskov Kovacs.

2 GW renewable energy grid connection Bulgaria

2 GW of renewable energy projects apply for grid connection in Bulgaria

19 May 2021 - The TSO of Bulgaria received requests for connecting 1.97 GW in renewable energy projects to the grid, over four times more than in the same period of 2020.

Bulgaria to install 2.5 GW of solar wind by 2025

Bulgaria to install 2.5 GW of solar, wind by 2024

09 March 2021 - The country will increase the installed capacity for renewable energy from 1,8 GW to 4.3 GW by 2025, according to Angelin Tsachev.

continental europe breakdown resynchronization

How BiH, Croatia, Serbia TSOs reconnected two grid regions of Continental Europe synchronous area

02 March 2021 - The Continental Europe synchronous area broke down and split into two grid regions in January.


Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia link intraday markets with 14 EU countries via SIDC project

26 November 2019 - In the second wave of the European Single Intraday Coupling (SIDC, formerly XBID) project, Bulgaria,...

IPTO, ESO, Transelectrica agree on Thessaloniki as seat of new SEE Regional Security Coordinator

18 November 2019 - IPTO, ESO and Transelectrica have agreed on establishing a new Regional Security Coordinator (RSC) for...


ESO, IPTO, Transelectrica sign MoU on establishing Regional Coordination Center

22 July 2019 - Power transmission system operators (TSOs) ESO (Bulgaria), IPTO (Greece), and Transelectrica (Romania) have signed a...

ESO receives grant for Maritsa-Nea Santa power line, CESEC updates Electricity Action Plan

04 April 2019 - The Bulgarian Electricity System Operator (ESO) and the Innovations and Networks Executive Agency of the...

Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania sign memorandum on day-ahead market coupling

12 March 2019 - The transmission system operators (TSOs) of Bulgaria – ESO, North Macedonia – MEPSO, and Albania...

Kick-off meeting held for Croatia-Serbia-Bulgaria market coupling project

05 March 2019 - The kick-off meeting for the initiation of a trilateral power market coupling project between Croatia,...

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