Slovenia launches low carbon hydrogen consortium

Slovenia launches low-carbon hydrogen consortium

18 March 2024 - Slovenia supported the establishment of a low-carbon hydrogen consortium of 18 companies, organizations and municipalities

BEF 2023 Flexibility services business opportunity renewables producers

BEF 2023: Flexibility services are business opportunity for renewables producers

17 May 2023 - The flexibility and digitalization panel at BEF 2023 acknowledged how difficult it is to integrate hundreds of gigawatts from new solar and wind power plants, but it also pointed to business opportunities in the emerging ancillary and system services

Slovenia DSO invites consumers to offer flexibility services elektro ljubljana

Slovenian power distribution firm invites consumers to offer flexibility services

21 February 2023 - Eligible to apply are consumers who use electricity, heat pumps, electric stoves to heat their homes, and can turn them off for a short time