Srpska regulating waste management with new law


November 13, 2015





November 13, 2015




A by-law was outlined, determining the documents needed for applications to import, export and transport waste through the Republic of Srpska. Suggestions will be received by November 28. The deadline for suggestions for the draft bill on waste management has finished, according to data on the website of the entity’s government, so the document is going through further procedure.

In late October, Srebrenka Golić, minister for spatial planning, construction and ecology, met a delegation of the United States Embassy  in Bosnia and Herzegovina (pictured), led by Edward Gallagher, head of the office in Banja Luka, Srpska’s capital. American officials expressed interest in the ministry’s activities in the field of waste management and improvement of the management of national parks. The possibility of investment in waste management was announced, the entity’s government said. Gallagher stated the American Chamber of Commerce in BiH consists of 70 companies, interested in direct investment, but also in public–private partnerships.

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