Probation starts for biological purifier in Prud



July 19, 2016






July 19, 2016





Mayor of Metković Katarina Ujdur and minister of environment and nature Slaven Dobrović launched a six-month probationary period for a biological wastewater treatment facility in the village of Prud, which will protect the Norina well from which much of the valley of the Neretva river and the islands of Pelješac, Korčula, Mljet and Lastovo are supplied with water, according to a report on the municipal web page.

The investment is worth HRK 7 million (EUR 935,000), obtained from the World Bank through APL 2, program of protection against pollution of coastal waters. The biological purifier in Prud in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County located in Croatia’s southeast is the third of its kind in Croatia and is designed for the settlement of 550 inhabitants.

Ujdur thanked the World Bank, represented by Stjepan Gabrić, and to water management utility Hrvatske Vode, saying that without the company the project would not be realized.

Head of Hrvatske Vode Zoran Đuroković said EUR 200 million was invested in Projekt Jadran since 2004. The biological purifier does not require expensive maintenance and has a major role in water protection.

Filters are constructed to provide the necessary conditions for sustainable development of the region because urban wastewater will be treated in the biological device, which is a high-quality solution for the ecosystem in a long-term perspective, minister Dobrović added.

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