Landfill, cogeneration PPP opens qualifications stage


August 28, 2015





August 28, 2015




The city of Belgrade published an invitation for qualifications recognition in a public–private partnership (PPP) for services of treatment and disposal of residual municipal solid waste. Applications must be submitted by October 15 to the Secretariat for Environmental Protection, the contracting authority. The decision on the recognition of the qualifications shall be made within 25 days.

The project scope includes designing, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of treatment and disposal facilities for about 480,000 tonnes per year of residual municipal solid waste and about 100,000 tonnes per year of construction and demolition waste, with the production of either electrical power or heat or both, as well as services of closure and rehabilitation of the existing landfill. The secretariat will follow competitive dialogue procedure, as a type of the public procurement procedure envisaged under the Law on Public Procurement. Selected applicants shall be invited to participate in the dialogue stage of the competitive dialogue procedure, the invitation said.
The project for the Vinča facility, which handles around 1,500 tons of waste a day, began as early as in 2007, and it was restarted last year in collaboration with the World Bank. The endeavour, assisted by the International Finance Cooperation, involves construction, operation and maintenance of a municipal waste treatment facility. The plan foresees the construction of a mechanical biological treatment plant with refuse-derived fuel (RDF) production, coupled with an RDF-fired combined heat and power plant.

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