Istanbul to expand its Odayeri waste-to-energy plant

Photo: ortadoguenerji.com.tr


June 28, 2015






June 28, 2015





Turkey’s most populated city will fund the capacity extension of Odayeri,  the country’s largest waste-fuelled thermal powered facility with TRY 6.5 million (EUR 2.24 million), Anadolu Agency’s Energy Terminal said.

Istanbul is preparing to increase the Odayeri plant’s size from 35.4 MW to 45.3 MW, the report said. The plan is to raise daily generation from 271.8 GWh to 364 GWh. So far, four biomass plants were launched in the city, with an overall capacity of over 50 MW. Last year, the 348.2 GWh they generated was equivalent to the demand of 126,000 families, the agency said.

Istanbul Environmental Management Industry and Trade Inc. (İSTAÇ), a subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, put the Hasdal, Kömürücoda and Odayeri treatment and energy generation facilities into operation between 2001 and 2013 in an attempt to convert landfill gas into electrical energy, Daily Sabah reported. The Hasdal Landfill Site Energy Generation Plant and the Odayeri Treatment Facility generate electricity of 2 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity, while the Odayeri Energy Generation Plant and the Kömürücoda Energy Generation Plant produced electrical energy of 34 MW and 14 MW installed capacity, respectively.

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