SolarEdge 3D house with Israel products_evening (2)

SolarEdge Home – the premium solar system even more affordable

22 May 2024 - SolarEdge is known for offering the most premium equipment on the market, but if you are wondering if SolarEdge DC optimization is useful on residential property, the answer is “yes, definitely"

Alcazar Energy Partners final close USD 490 million renewables fund

Alcazar Energy Partners reaches final close of USD 490 million for renewables fund

21 May 2024 - The Alcazar Energy Partners II SLP-SCSp, a Luxembourg-domiciled sustainable infrastructure fund, reached a final closing of USD 490 million


Energy transition is no partisan issue but global one

14 May 2024 - Representatives of companies with large renewable energy portfolios in Southeast Europe emphasized at Belgrade Energy Forum the critical importance of modernization, infrastructural development, and enhanced knowledge at the local level

Renewables record 30 global electricity 2023 growth solar wind Ember

Solar, wind push renewables to record 30% global electricity share

08 May 2024 - Renewables generated a record 30% of global electricity in 2023, driven by growth in solar and wind, Ember said in an annual report

Carbon capture still no alternative decarbonizing cement industry

Carbon capture still has no alternative for decarbonizing cement industry

07 May 2024 - Cement has no credible alternatives for decarbonization without carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), Carbon Tracker found


Microsoft signs biggest-ever corporate PPA for green energy

06 May 2024 - The deal between Microsoft and Brookfield is almost eight times as big as the largest single corporate power purchase agreement ever signed


RheEnergise building waterless hydropower storage facility in UK

06 May 2024 - RheEnergise has developed a technology to use a dense fluid rather than water to store surplus energy from wind and solar power plants

Artificial intelligence can detect the toxicity of chemicals

Artificial intelligence can detect toxicity of chemicals

03 May 2024 - Swedish scientists have developed a method using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify toxic chemicals based solely on knowledge of their molecular structure


UK minister: G7 reaches ‘historic’ deal to abandon coal in first half of 2030s

30 April 2024 - An official statement on the G7 decarbonization commitments is due later today

China’s energy transition on track for carbon neutrality by 2060

24 April 2024 - China is making huge progress toward its goal of reducing net emissions to zero, Norwegian consulting firm DNV estimated in a report

Earth Overshoot Day 2024

Earth Overshoot Day 2024: Slovenia to exhaust its credit on April 25

24 April 2024 - Earth Overshoot Day is an annual indicator of when we start living beyond the resources available in a particular year

green wolt scotland floating wind farm

Green Volt, world’s largest floating wind project, obtains planning approval

23 April 2024 - The project has now received all its planning approvals and remains on track to be the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm in Europe

Global utilities scale renewables capacity 2 5 times 2030

Global utilities vow to scale renewables capacity by 2.5 times by 2030

22 April 2024 - Utilities in UNEZA are accelerating grid investment. Member utilities vowed to lift their renewables capacity by 2.5 times to 749 GW by 2030.

Earth Day 2024 Planet vs. Plastic

Earth Day 2024: Planet vs. Plastics

20 April 2024 - The Earth Day has been celebrated every April 22 since 1970. This year’s theme is...

wind power irec index eoltech

Wind power production is very predictable globally, to less extent locally – study

03 April 2024 - Wind and solar resource assessment consultancy Eoltech produced a study by using 15-year data from the irec wind energy indexes


IRENA: Global solar power capacity surpasses hydropower in 2023

28 March 2024 - The world's renewable electricity capacity additions in 2023 hit a record 473 GW, dominated by China. Solar power became the largest segment in total.

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