Construction of sewers in Debar continues

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October 5, 2016






October 5, 2016





Bashkim Ahmeti, minister of environment and physical planning, visited Debar, a town in the western part of Macedonia. With mayor Ruzhdi Lata he marked the beginning of project ‘Upgrading Sewerage in the City of Debar,” news agency MIA reported.

Ahmeti pointed out good cooperation between the ministry and Debar and said the project, worth MKD 4 million (EUR 65,000) is co-financed by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning with EUR 40,600, while the city will cover the rest.

The mayor noted sewerage is planned from the city’s post office to former bakery Klas and Kjernanica settlement, connecting regional road Debar-Struga. He underscored that with a previously built sewerage in the main street the city overcame the problem which was present for decades.  He recalled the main street sewerage was built in length of 800 metres, worth EUR 80,000, with funds received from the ministry.

Minister Ahmeti and mayor Ljata also discussed other projects, such as building a water treatment plant.


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