slovenia waste incinerators decree

Slovenia to install three waste incinerators

13 May 2022 - The Government of Slovenia has adopted a decree on granting concessions for waste incineration as an obligatory public service

Garbage dumps in Serbia are quietly poisoning its citizens

21 February 2022 - Waste comes back like a boomerang through our water, land and air, enters the food chain and slowly poisons us

Zagreb is introducing new municipal waste model that motivates citizens to sort waste

Zagreb to roll out municipal waste model that motivates citizens to sort waste

25 January 2022 - Citizens will dispose of waste in "official bags." They will cover the variable part of the waste collection charge by buying them.


Experts, NGOs demand fresh public consultation on Serbia’s 2021-2024 waste management plan

05 October 2021 - The interested public only learned of the public consultation two days ahead of an online conference organized by the ministry on October 1.

Agreement on improving waste collection system in Rasinski district

06 September 2017 - An agreement to launch a project to develop the system of separate waste collection for...

Consortium Suez-Itochu only bidder for Vinča landfill rehabilitation project

14 July 2017 - One offer from the French-Japanese consortium Suez-Itochu has been received for public-private partnership contract for...

EU funding recycling yards in Croatia with EUR 19.4 million

01 April 2017 - Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy announced the first public call for waste management...