Turkey breaks record in solar, wind power output in July

01 September 2022 - Turkey's solar power plants generated a total of 2.07 billion kWh and wind power plants 4.2 billion kWh in July

Erdogan 34 hydropower 125 more pipeline

Erdogan inaugurates 34 hydropower plants

12 August 2022 - Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan inaugurated 34 recently hydropower plants with an estimated annual output of 2.3 TWh in total

IHC 50 Kalyon renewable energy 1 GW solar park

IHC buys 50% of Kalyon’s renewable energy branch including 1 GW solar park

12 August 2022 - IHC) from Abu Dhabi will pay USD 490 million to take over 50% of Kalyon Energy and participate in new solar and wind power projects

Turkey one third world geothermal greenhouses

Turkey accounts for one third of world’s geothermal greenhouses

05 August 2022 - The surface of greenhouses heated with geothermal energy in Turkey grew 400% since 2002, says Mücahit Kıvrak from the Balıkesir University

Turkey eases rules for installing solar panels for irrigation

Turkey eases rules for installing solar panels for irrigation

01 August 2022 - Rooftop solar panels and small PV systems for irrigation can now be built in Turkey without construction licenses and occupancy permits

Turkey defense developing first fully domestic wind turbines

Turkey’s defense industry developing first fully domestic wind turbines

27 June 2022 - Turkey's main defense contractor Aselsan joined hands with EÜAŞ with the aim to install the first wind turbines fully made in Turkey in 2024

Turkey producing 72 wind turbines

Domestic share of wind turbine production in Turkey reaches 72%

20 June 2022 - Turkey has boosted its share of local production of wind turbines to 72% and the government has the ambition to attract more investment

Wind, solar save Turkey USD 7 billion in last 12 months

Wind, solar save Turkey amazing USD 7 billion in last 12 months

27 May 2022 - Wind and solar power plants saved Turkey USD 7 billion over the last 12 months as it would have had to compensate for the shortfall with gas imports

SEE faces higher energy security threats than rest of Europe IENE SEE energy outlook stambolis

SEE faces greater energy security threats than rest of Europe – IENE

12 May 2022 - The Institute for Energy for South-East Europe has presented the third edition of the South East Europe Energy Outlook in Belgrade

Donmez Turkey is world No 4 solar panel producer

Dönmez: Turkey is world’s No. 4 solar panel producer

06 May 2022 - Turkey is the fourth solar panel producer in the world, Minister Fatih Dönmez said and added the goal is to enter the top three next year

Turkey biomethane animal waste natural gas imports

Turkey seeks to produce biomethane from animal waste to cut natural gas imports

18 April 2022 - Turkey has built a prototype of a device for upgrading animal waste biogas into biomethane, a renewable alternative to natural gas.

Turkey 100 GW electricity generation capacity

Turkey becomes 6th country in Europe to reach 100 GW in electricity capacity

12 April 2022 - Turkey became the 14th country in the world to cross the 100 GW level in combined power plant capacity – most additions are from renewables.

Turkey solar power auction 300 MW YEKA GES 4

Turkey completes solar power auction for 300 MW

11 April 2022 - Turkey held an auction for 300 MW in solar power within the YEKA GES-4, of 1 GW in total. Smart Güneş Teknolojileri was the lowest bidder.

Turkey can turn coal mines into solar parks that would power 6.9 million homes

Half of open-cast coal mines in Turkey could be transformed into solar parks to power 6.9 million homes

23 March 2022 - The country’s solar capacity could be boosted by 170 percent, enough to power 6.9 million more homes

Turkish aluminum Tosyalı world biggest rooftop solar

Turkish aluminum producer Tosyalı launches world’s biggest rooftop solar project

23 March 2022 - In cooperation with Huawei and SolarAPEX, aluminum producer Tosyalı is building solar power systems of an overall 140 MW on roofs at all its facilities

Turkey grant 40 farmers solar power report

Turkey to grant 40% to farmers for solar power systems – report

18 March 2022 - The Turkish government will launch a support scheme for farmers who want to install solar power plants, according to a local media report

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