NOVEMBER 29, 2016
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Mihailo Mihailovic, Energy Expert

Real time sun power to energize Serbia

Decreasing our dependence on "pre-historic" solar energy stored in fossil fuels and utilizing the "real time" sun power is an inevitable task for Serbia to prepare its future energy mix.

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Ladislav Tolmaci, Erste Group Bank AG, Leveraged and Project Finance

Auctions for renewables: towards markets proximity

The future of support mechanisms for renewables with targeted insight towards the SEE markets and bankability point of view.

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EFdeN - Solar house and status of prosumers in Romania

EFdeN is one of Europe's most sustainable houses. It is situated in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The house has been developed by a passionate team of students, who participated in the third European edition of the Solar Decathlon competition, which took place in 2014 in Versailles, France.

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GGE ESCO introduces integrated energy services model to Serbian market

GGE ESCO, a subsidiary of the Slovenian energy services company GGE, has successfully completed...

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Draft energy permit for Vranduk HPP approved

Federal Ministry of energy, mining and industry has determined the draft energy permit for the construction of the hydropower plant (HPP) Vranduk on the river Bosna.

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Slovenia declares drinking water a basic human right in constitution

Slovenian parliament voted for a constitutional amendment to declare the access to drinking water a basic human right.

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Bulgarian and Chinese companies to build waste-to-energy plants in UK

The Bulgarian-based company Ebioss Energy signed a deal with Energy China to build two waste-to-energy plants in the UK worth EUR 170 million in total.

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Enel to invest EUR 200 million in digitalisation in Romania

Italian energy company Enel announced plans to invest EUR 200 million in network and equipment digitalisation in Romania, for the 2017-2019 period, according to the newly unveiled business strategy.

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Macedonian government gives subsidies for solar thermal panels to households

Macedonia has granted subsidies for installation of the solar thermal panels to 620 households across the country planned for 2016.

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Waste-to-energy plant to be built in Albania

Albanian Ministry of Environment has concluded a contract deal with the privately owned company Integrated Technology Waste Treatment Fier to build waste-to-energy (WtE) plant near the city of Fier.

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Turkish authorities approve five Exergy geothermal units in just five days

Italian energy equipment manufacturer Exergy S.p.A. managed to win approval from Turkish authorities for five different geothermal units in five days.

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Intersectoral cooperation in the Drina river basin discussed in Belgrade

The international and domestic experts and stakeholders from the three neighbouring countries - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia

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