Q & A

Why is being energy efficient so important?

Milica, student from Belgrade

Dear Milica, besides the obvious instant effect of energy efficiency, such as the reduction of your energy bill, EE also improves quality of life and helps save the planet. For example, insulated houses keep AC cooled air inside in the summertime, and heat during wintertime. Also, with energy efficient lighting one rarely has to change light bulbs in homes or work places. That is EE in action, making life simply more enjoyable.

Emina Durmo, ORF-EE PR and Communications Advisor

Which measures are most effective?

Ivan, Innovation Center, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade

Dear Ivan, simple changes can make an immense difference in your electricity bill! Some of them include turning lights off when one leaves a room; replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient lighting; keeping blinds partially down throughout the day to limit heat escaping in the winter or to stop heat coming in in the summer; turning electrical appliances and gadgets off, rather than leaving these on standby.

Joachim Gaube, ORF-EE Sector Fund Manager

Why is the Open Regional Fund for SEE - Energy Efficiency implemented regionally?

Ena, NGO, Sarajevo

Dear Ena, as signatories of various international agreements, including the Energy Community Treaty, and aiming to join the EU, western Balkan countries face the common task to implement extensive reforms in the energy sector. However, energy and climate are rather new topics for the region and WB countries are not yet ready to deal with all the challenges on their own. Therefore, directly supported by the German government, the ORF-EE helps WB partner countries implement sector reforms and move closer towards EU integration by strengthening their institutional capacities and advising them on development of strategies and sector policies.

Joachim Gaube, ORF-EE Sector Fund Manager