North Macedonia


Prilep in North Macedonia to finance solar panels with municipal bonds

23 March 2023 - The Municipality of Prilep intends to sell bonds to get EUR 5 million for four projects including for solar panels on rooftops of schools


North Macedonia scraps power subsidies for bakeries, food producers

02 March 2023 - The government has decided to abolish power subsidies for producers of bread and other staple foods, citing their failure to reduce prices.

North Macedonia launch electricity exchange May

North Macedonia to launch electricity exchange in May

01 March 2023 - The North Macedonian power exchange will be launched on May 10, with a day-ahead market, and operated by MEMO

North Macedonia surplus green electricity May to October

North Macedonia expects surplus green electricity from May to October

14 February 2023 - Solar power projects with construction permits reached a record of over 400 MW in total in North Macedonia

ESM is developing power plant projects with total capacity of 1.8 GW

03 February 2023 - ESM said it is developing 12 power plant projects with a total planned capacity of nearly 1.8 GW, which exceeds the current overall capacity

Manage your energy investment in North Macedonia smartly – ask our legal partners for the latest market insights

Manage your energy investment in North Macedonia smartly – ask our legal partners for the latest market insights

26 January 2023 - If you are looking to invest in the energy sector of North Macedonia, submit questions you might have about the existing regulatory framework in the country

north macedonia ebrd loan waste management system wbif sida seco

North Macedonia secures funding for first major investment in waste management

18 January 2023 - The project will cover more than one million inhabitants in five regions: South-East, South-West, Pelagonia, Polog, and Vardar

North Macedonia is El Dorado for renewables

North Macedonia is El Dorado for renewables

14 January 2023 - The North Macedonian regulator issued 267 licenses for electricity production from renewables in 2022, averaging one per each working day

Kaltun YEO Turkish companies Dren wind park North Macedonia

Turkish companies to build Dren wind park in North Macedonia

11 January 2023 - Kaltun Enerji hired YEO Teknoloji for its Dren wind farm project in North Macedonia near the border with Greece

Air pollution North Macedonia triggers emergency measures

Air pollution in North Macedonia triggers emergency measures

26 December 2022 - North Macedonia introduced emergency measures to reduce air pollution and protect the population and issued recommendations

Battery manufacturer TAB Mak 8 4 MW solar park North Macedonia

Battery manufacturer TAB Mak builds 8.4 MW solar park in North Macedonia

22 December 2022 - Lead-acid battery plant TAB Mak in Probištip in North Macedonia will cover 25% of its electricity needs from its photovoltaic facilities


Smart planning in energy transition – ESM was first in Western Balkans to build solar power plant at abandoned coal mine

22 December 2022 - Building solar power plants at disused coal mines is one of the solutions to ensure a just transition in the Western Balkans

Four times more installed power plants in North Macedonia in 2022

North Macedonia’s regulator issues 200 licenses for renewable electricity plants in 2022

25 November 2022 - The Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission issued 200 licenses this year for electricity production from renewable sources

Kovacevski North Macedonia 300 MW solar power end 2023

Kovačevski: North Macedonia to add as much as 300 MW in solar power by end-2023

16 November 2022 - Between 200 and 300 megawatts in solar power plants are expected to be included in the system by the end of 2023, Dimitar Kovačevski said

North Macedonia Albania joint projects energy gas renewables

North Macedonia, Albania sign agreement on joint projects for gas, LNG, renewables

15 November 2022 - North Macedonia and Albania vowed to cooperate in gas infrastructure and renewable energy and the construction of an LNG terminal in Vlora

Kavadarci in North Macedonia fostering solar power projects to become green city

09 November 2022 - The total solar capacity will be over 17 MW once these and other approved projects are in place in the municipality

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