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Broad European coalition for 20 GW of offshore wind in Baltic Sea

Broad European coalition for 20 GW of offshore wind in Baltic Sea

01 September 2022 - The heads of government and energy ministers of eight countries bordering the Baltic Sea have...

Hungary to build Paks II nuclear power plant with Russia

31 August 2022 - Russian state-owned nuclear power company received the approval for the construction of two blocks at the Paks II nuclear power plant

Pakistan climate disaster – biggest emitters should take responsibility and help

31 August 2022 - Pakistan is suffering the devastating effects of climate change, with questions raised about global solidarity, but also responsibility

Lithium research is threat to Rekovac municipality, locals and ecologists warn

27 August 2022 - Balkan istraživanja Ltd. aims to continue its activities and open more exploration wells in the...

Choose your favorites for European Sustainable Energy Awards – EUSEW 2022

25 August 2022 - Public voting is now open across four award categories: Innovation, Local Energy Action, Woman in Energy, and Young Energy Trailblazer.

Croatia plans to expand LNG terminal on Krk island

23 August 2022 - Croatia is boosting its LNG capacity in a bid to strengthen gas supplies, while environmental organizations say the government is misleading the public

Energy crisis reality check – petroleum companies make huge profits while others face growing uncertainty

08 August 2022 - Oil companies reported huge profits, and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres described such high earnings as "immoral"

Island of Tilos – zero waste gem in Aegean Sea

04 August 2022 - The island of Tilos in the Aegean Sea is implementing a waste management program that...

Seven-day deadline for Serbia’s new MPs to verify petition against lithium

01 August 2022 - The Serbian parliament has seven days to verify the people's initiative to ban lithium and boron excavation, environmentalists said

EPBiH in green transition – solar power plants on site of former coal mines

EPBiH set to build its first solar power plants to replace coal

30 July 2022 - As part of its decarbonization push, Elektroprivreda Bosne i Hercegovine, EPBiH, is starting to replace coal capacities with solar power

Timmermans: EU risks conflict, strife due to energy crisis

14 July 2022 - The EU's top official Frans Timmermans claims a short-term return to fossil fuels is needed to prevent the risk of civil unrest

GGF takes green finance graduates on study tour in Berlin

14 July 2022 - GGF's Technical Assistance Facility and the Renewables Academy (RENAC) hosted a study tour in Berlin for the graduates of the Green Finance Expert Course

EPCG hires Swiss consultancy for gas power plant projects

12 July 2022 - EPCG will work with SS&A Power Consultancy on projects for the first gas-fired power plants in combination with renewables in Montenegro

resource consumption Earth Overshoot Day Balkans global average

Earth Overshoot Day – resource consumption in Balkans is above global average

08 July 2022 - The Earth Overshoot Day for 2022, the date when humanity spends all the planet's renewable resources for one year, lands on July 28

Plastic bag free day and Plastic free July – not only consumers' responsibility

Plastic Bag Free Day, Plastic Free July – not all responsibility is on consumers

03 July 2022 - Recent studies revealed that microplastic pollution is taking on new forms and shapes that threaten human health

Floating wind farm project unites fishermen, investors in Ireland

01 July 2022 - A joint 2 GW floating wind farm project is the first cooperation in the world between the two opposing sectors.

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