Rethinking financial sustainability for biodiversity

19 June 2020 - Biodiversity can be in the center of sustainable development, yet it requires systematic solutions and...

Interdependence of human well-being and biodiversity

Interdependence of human well-being and biodiversity

22 May 2020 - How much do we know about benefits that biodiversity provides us day-to-day? Or do we...

BIH ecosystem services assessment

Ecosystem services – nature’s contributions to people

17 April 2020 - In the past decades, and especially after the 2005 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the term ecosystem...

Sourcebook on sustainable financing of biodiversity, ecosystems, protected areas coming soon

12 March 2020 - The sourcebook with real-world cases studies lays out why, how and which financing mechanisms can...

BDTF biodiversity

Biodiversity Task Force of South East Europe’s role amid changing context of nature conservation

23 December 2019 - Alongside many activities within the regional projects in the field of environment, biodiversity and climate...